Bottling Capabilities

If you already have your beverage formula and need it packaged for distribution and sale, we are your one stop shop for filling. If you need PET or HDPE, we have you covered. In our climate-controlled, clean filling room, we are equipped with a Hot Fill capable rotary filler that runs 2 oz to 32 oz. We have recently added a new filler with 16-valve capability that can run 100 to 300 bottles per minute, depending on the size of the bottle.

Our shelf-stable, high-acid beverages are processed under the most exacting quality control standards and filled in a clean room resulting in beverages of the highest quality that retain their freshness and taste for extended periods.

Specialty round bottles are our trademark; contours are not a problem. We are equipped to accommodate a wide range of requirements and specifications—with the flexibility to adapt.

Shipping / Distribution

Arizona Production & Packaging is the solution for your bottling needs; allowing you to enjoy a simultaneous global rollout. We ship around the world via air and ocean freight, and as we are familiar with international shipping regulations, we can work with your customs broker to get your products to the port of entry.