What We Are

Arizona Production & Packaging is one of the fastest growing beverage manufacturing companies in the United States. From modest beginnings, AZPACK is now a major contract manufacturer in the Southwest, working with clients around the globe to support their bottling and canning needs. We continue to pursue our original purpose: providing the finest beverages with uncompromising principles.


What We do

AZPACK offers only the finest quality packaging service and adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

In 2009, AZPACK expanded operations to a new 240,000 square-foot facility to better meet our customers’ demands. We currently have the capacity to package more than 100 million bottles annually. AZPACK can co-pack specialty-sized PET & HDPE.
• Teas
• Infused Water
• Energy Drinks
• Non-carbonated bottled drinks (including super fruit juice based dietary and nutrient supplements)

In July 2014 we added to our capacity by commissioning a second new Can Filler that helps us produce 1200 cans per minute.
• Cold Fill Carbonated
• Tunnel Pasteurization
Packing, Testing, and Special Considerations

We are proud to offer full microbiologic laboratory services for product testing and formulation; we are also capable of running Kosher, Halal, and non-GMO products.

What We’ve Done

AZPACK has a well-earned reputation of offering world-class manufacturing operations and responding quickly to customer requirements. AZPACK’s client list consists of Fortune 500 beverage companies, including makers of well-known energy drinks and nutrition and dietary supplements; we support a wide range of suppliers.


What We Can Do For You

Just ask and we will deliver!
From energy shots and dietary supplements to meal replacements, nothing is outside of our realm of expertise. Contact us today and see what AZPACK can do for you.